Monday, May 11, 2009


"The Eric Hoffer award for short prose and books was established at the start of the 21st century as a means of opening a door to writing of significant merit. It honors the memory of the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer by highlighting salient writing, as well as the independent spirit of small publishers. The winning stories and essays are published in Best New Writing, and the book awards are covered in the US Review of Books."

Here is their review of the winning BUTT!

by Lynn Montgomery, illustrated by Terrie Redding
ZuZu Petals Books
reviewed by Wendy Thomas

"You see, I wasn't always a handsome dog. No siree. When I was born, everyone screamed..."

Move over Marley, Butt Ugly is the dog to cheer about!

Butt Ugly is the heart-tugging story of a pup born the runt in a litter of outstanding "Princesses" and "Fangs." One by one, his brothers and sisters get adopted, and Butt Ugly is left to achingly wonder why he is so unwanted by everyone, except his mother who thinks it is a "grand tooting" idea that he stays with her. Ultimately he discovers that his true self, and not the perception of others, is what's really important in life.

A story that is appealing to both children and adults, Butt Ugly humorously and compassionately teaches us that labels often do more harm than good. If we start looking at the individual and not the label, we may just find something unexpected. Sometimes, like in Butt Ugly, we find the proverbial diamond-in-the-rough. With this little green dog, once we remove the label, the pup is able to discover his true capabilities and worth. And it all culminates in a terrific ending for the pup formerly known as "Butt Ugly."

Butt Ugly has the added ecological advantage of being printed on 100% recycled, non-bleached paper, using vegetable based inks and renewable energy. A wonderful life-affirming message in an earth-friendly package—what parent or child could want for more? This title recently won the Eric Hoffer Book Award in the Children's Book category.


Jackie said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Lynn! Well deserved! We love Butt Ugly.
Jackie & the Rotmans

Kate said...


Even though I am 51 years old, I have been reading children's books all of my life. BUTT UGLY is the most heart warming tale I have ever read. From the very first page, you feel so much compassion for this little guy & his indomitable spirit that you just can't stop reading until you know that he'll be alright & yet, how could he not be -with that face, that tail, that "orthodontically challenged grin"? He is all heart & you just can't get enough of him! I have read the book several times & have shared it with more than 20 friends as holiday, birthday, Easter, & "for no special reason!" gifts. Many recipients have thanked me & asked where they can get another copy. Doesn't anyone out there know your neighbor, Oprah? You belong on her show & BUTT UGLY belongs on her Book Club list - not only for young kids - but for kids of all ages. Buy the Book on Amazon & find out why!!! It teaches a beautiful lesson .... And it's Green! Heck, I am going to read it again!

Scott Tate said...


I am by no means a big time publisher or even a small time publisher but I do consider myself a sort of printing snob. Having worked at a printing plant for over 11 years, I have seen many books and I understand what it takes to create a book from start to finish. BUTT UGLY is something you should be very proud of! Your use of green materials to create this book is something to be admired. I have done some research on the plant you used to do the manufacturing and learned that they have won several awards for their green business practices, they even go so far as to power their plant using wind power. I’m not sure people understand the increased cost and effort that green printing entails, but I can tell you that this book probably could have been made 35% less $$’s using non-environmental friendly practice. The color saturation is beautiful, paper selection is wonderful and the binding is flawless. You have created a wonderful children’s book that is a pleasure to hold and look at, sends a great message to children and is as kind to the environment as humanly possible with current technology. Congratulation and keep up the good work.

Scott Tate

PS - the story and art are great too! :>)

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