Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Nine Lives and Misadventures of Marcy, The Marvelous Cat

Chapter One
(Where I introduce myself and my perfect life
before everything goes haywire)

"Don’t call me lazy, spoiled, or prissy. It is Marcy, s’il vous plait. And yes, these are real rhinestones on my collar. I am svelte of figure with a gorgeous tail, or so I’ve been told. Part Persian, with a touch of French. You’ll notice my delicate, creamy complexion and green eyes. Exotic, I know..."

This is the story of Marcy, a persnickety, pampered pet who embarks on a transcontinental journey, trapped in a drawer in the back of a moving van for seven days. Her only companion is A RAT! It is based on a true story that made headlines around the world. THE NINE LIVES AND MISADVENTURES OF MARCY, THE MARVELOUS CAT will be the second book from ZuZu Petals Publishing. All of our books are published on 100% recylced paper. No trees or cats were harmed in the making of our books.


df63 said...

I LOVE the illustration! I can just imagine the adventures awaiting Marcy. I can't wait to read the book!

Hannah M. said...

I like this story. And I really like the rat named Bling. He's very funny. They get trapped in a drawer and it's really funny and really scary. My favorite part of the book is when Marcy gets pampered and she thinks it is a spa. And by the way, my mom is the writer. But I would like it anyway because it is funny.